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  1. Drum Roll Please…Best of Citysearch Spa & Beauty Winners are Announced

    May 31, 2013 by Sid E. Serch

    Like being a king or queen, there can only be one Best of Citysearch winner (in each category at least), but unlike being a monarch, you can’t win by association or evil misdeeds.  You have to earn it! Our expert scouts from across the country have nominated their spa & beauty favorites and YOU selected the winners. Check out who won the top spot for getting your bronze on, your ears lowered, your hair colored or removed in your city! Congratulations to all the victors out there!

    spa and beauty

  2. Take it Outside! Our Favorite Outdoor Dining Destinations from Coast-to-Coast

    May 28, 2013 by Sid E. Serch

    guides Most of the year, being told to “take it outside” is indicative that something has gone terribly wrong–but for those balmy

    Spring and Summer months, it’s the best case scenario. We’ve asked our scouts from coast to coast to select their favorite outdoor dining destinations, from patios to rooftops,  in order to make those Summer nights better than any dreamed up by some characters in “Grease.” Click on your city for a guide to the best al fresco around town:Atlanta, AustinChicagoLos AngelesNew York CityPortlandSan Francisco Seattle. 

  3. Your Momma: Treat her Right this Mother's Day

    May 6, 2013 by Sid E. Serch

    Between listening to you whine about juice boxes and the whole diaper situation, it’s fair to say you’re forever indebted to your mom. Treat her

    Royal Majesty to a day worthy of her with the help of our handy-dandy guides, filled to the brim with treats and activities to spoil mom right this year. Our scouts across the country have scoured the streets of their respective cities to uncover the sort of special things and places to guarantee you favorite child status (at least for the day). Explore the mother’s day guides for your city: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, Philadelphia, Seattle

     Like our guides? Check our more of them here 


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  4. Best of Citysearch Restaurant Winners Have Been Announced!

    March 15, 2013 by Sid E. Serch

    best of restaurants blog

    If you’ve heard the distant sounds

    of bottles popping and chefs whooping, it probably has something to do with the announcement of the Best of Citysearch Restaurant winners. There was some seriously stiff competition this year and impressively  innovative campaigning on behalf of a few of the nominees. Congratulations to all the amazing businesses that were nominated and especially to the winners! Click through to discover the best spots to for everything from a stellar view to a killer brunch.

  5. LA Scouts Adrianna and Nastassia Featured in Refinery 29

    January 10, 2013 by Sid E. Serch

    Check out two of  LA’s loveliest ladies and our very own scouts, Adrianna Adarme and Nastassia Johnson, featured in Refinery29 today. The food bloggers, of A Cozy Kitchen and Let Me Eat Cake respectively  share healthy recipes for those of us struggling to keep our New Year’s resolutions. For more from Nastassia and Adrianna

    click on their names to see some of their favorite spots around town.

    LA ladies

  6. What To Do In Chicago?

    December 13, 2012 by Sid E. Serch


    One of our favorite Citysearch scouts in Chicago has been busy assembling

    a nice-size collection of Guides that feature all kinds of great things to do in his home city. From Chicago Museums You Might Never Have Heard Of to a Dive Between the Covers at Chicago’s Best Bookstores, Anthony pours his heart and soul into these, even creating fun, narrative videos on the Guides that set up his themes.

    Check out all his Guides here.

  7. Watch Our New Quiz Show, LIVE – Win $100!

    December 4, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

    We’re trying something NEW! this coming Sunday, December 9th, at 8pm ET. We’ll be launching our own, LIVE quiz show via Google Hangouts, pitting some of our favorite scouts from our favorite cities head-to-head. Who knows their city best? Josh Ozersky, representing New York, or Tolly Moseley, down in Austin? Join us, LIVE, as they duke it out! Plus, by watching, you’ll have the

    chance to answer a question or two via their “lifelines” using Twitter. If your answer is first, and correct, we’ll send you a $100 VISA card! Simple, right? Just make sure you tweet the correct answer to the lifeline question using hashtag #CitySearchQuizShow.

    Hosted by our content guru, David Israel and the amazing Shawna Coronado, an author and Citysearch scout in Chicago, you can catch all the action by tuning in here on Sunday, the 9th, at 8pm ET.

  8. Mother Shucker! Scout Julien Perry Dishes on Seattle's Best Oysters for her new Fox Q13 Gig!

    October 17, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

    Our very own Seattle scout, Julien Perry is now a weekly food correspondant for FOX Q13. Watch her dish on Seattle’s best bivalves in the first segment below! Congratulations Julien!

    For more of her spot-on Seattle picks, check back to her New & Notables on the Citysearch homepage.

    Check her out!

  9. Get Hip to Citysearch Guides

    September 26, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

    Introducing Citysearch Guides! It’s a brand spankin’ new product that empowers our team of expert scouts, consisting of everyone from Top Chefs to the Mayor of Portland to well respected food writers and photographers to create stunning, photocentric lists of well, just about anything they want. They’re sort of like treasure maps, navigating you to spoils hiding around your city and across the country. Want to discover the most scenic waterfall hikes in Southern California or go to every bar in Philadelphia serving beers for under a dollar? Well there’s a guide for that.  There could also be a guide chronicling every place George Washington has ever rested his head or the gems that you most have to visit on a road trip of the deep South. We know what you’re thinking. That sounds AWESOME! That is everything I’ve ever wanted, and I might be in love with guides. Well good, we’re taken with them as well.  Now quit lollygagging and check out some of the guides our scouts have made recently and then start thinking of ideas for your own awesome lists, since

    we’ll soon be debuting the option for the public to create guides of their own.

  10. 20 Questions with Drew Lazor

    September 5, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

    Citysearch Scouts are a unique breed. With a finger on the pulse and considerably better taste than your average bear, they’re the movers, shakers and well-known personalities in their respective cities. But who are they, really? And what qualifications do they have to tell you where you need to eat dinner? Let’s find out in our new, weekly feature, 20 Questions.

    Our inaugural post puts the spotlight on Philadelphia Scout, Drew Lazor. With such an amazing surname, that alone might be a good enough reason to listen to him; but on top of that, he founded the food/drink blog Meal Ticket for City Paper. He’s also appeared on the Food Network, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel, where he can be seen discussing great food with people wearing too much make-up.

    Check out his picks for new & notable spots @ Philadelphia.citysearch.com and his answers to our 20 Questions below:

    Name: Drew Lazor

    Age: 28

    Neighborhood: Point Breeze

    Day Job: Freelance Writer (business, food, drink, movies, music)

    Night Job: Overdrinker

    How long have you lived in Philadelphia? Ten years.

    Who’s your favorite Philadelphian, living or dead, real or fictional? I’ve long been fond of Ben Franklin, both for his amazing contributions to our country and because he liked to take “air baths,” which would involve him just standing naked around his house in broad daylight. There’s no way a dude as smart as Ben Franklin actually thought that the air would properly “bathe” him. He just wanted to be naked, so he told everyone that. Love this guy.

    What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in the City of Brotherly Love? Many of my favorite meals have taken place at Mémé, which just closed recently unfortunately.

    What was your first job when you moved to the Cradle of Liberty? I had an on-campus job running the “Phonathon” during my college years. Basically I was responsible for all those students harassing you during happy hour or dinner to donate money to your alma mater even though you still owe them loads of money. Sorry graduates of the world. I also did a bunch of random freelance writing during school, everything from small-town politics and high school baseball to covering Girl Scout pageants and Harry Potter book releases.

    Favorite bar? It’s a tie between The Sidecar at 22nd/Christian and American Sardine Bar at 18th/Federal. Sidecar was my first favorite bar in Philly and will always be my baby Mariah-style. I love that place and everyone who works there. ASB is a new favorite, due in part to the fact that it’s nearby, but also because the

    food, drink and staff are ace.

    What’s your drink? Usually bourbon, usually on the rocks. I like most whiskeys, whether fancy, crappy or somewhere in between, but Bulleit and Grand-Dad are longtime loves. For a cocktail, a Sazerac.

    What’s your favorite thing in your house? Where did you get it? Probably my pit bull puppy Toro. We got him from a rescue in my home state of Maryland. He’s a bit dumb but very sweet and generally is a good boy.

    How much is too much to spend on dinner? I’m a born overspender, but I really try my best not to drop more than $100-$120 (for two) at the very most. It doesn’t always work out. Of course there are those times when you overshoot by a lot (usually lots of boozing involved). It’s usually worth it, but sometimes it’s not. Isn’t it an awful feeling when it’s not?

    What do you hate most about living in Philly? I wish the subway went more places.

    Who or what is your mortal enemy? Turkey bacon.

    Spring or Fall? Whichever season in which it is most appropriate to dress like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate.

    Outerspace or Deep sea? Deep sea. I’m a Pisces so I like to lie and say that I have a “deep connection with water” but really I’m a mediocre swimmer and don’t really enjoy the beach. I like drinking water, though.

    Soup or salad? Soup! Maryland crab soup.

    If you could bring one element of another city to yours, what would it be? The consistent cleanliness of a place like Chicago or D.C.

    Vince Vaughn: Swingers or Couples Retreat? Come on! You already know the answer to this, you cheeky question writer.

    Is a burger a sandwich? No, a burger is a burger.