• There are a ton of sites out there. Why Citysearch?

    Founded in 1995, we focus on local businesses and community and, most importantly, bringing the two together.

  • What is 'Best of Citysearch'?

    Our Best of Citysearch feature allows for you, the user, to vote on your favorite new restaurants, kid-friendly eateries, relaxing day spas, trendy hair salons… you name it! With over 20 categories to choose from, this platform allows users to actively engage with local businesses and easily locate the ‘best of’ a specific type of local venue. Best of Citysearch campaigns typically happen at least once a year in one or more categories. See what businesses Citysearch users in your area prefer by browsing Best of Citysearch.

  • What is a Score and how is it calculated?

    You may have noticed we’ve switched away from our original star system to a bi-modal, thumbs up/down approach along with a scorecard for each business. This score is intended to show you how we rate this business. It takes into consideration the percentage of Citysearch users and/or expert scouts who’ve recommended the business.

  • What are 'Deals'?

    Technically speaking, a deal indicates a bargain or sale that is favorable to the buyer. In the Citysearch sense, “Deals” refers to a feature on our website that highlights exclusive discounts, freebies, promotions, and savings opportunities at local businesses.


Your Account


  • What is my Citysearch Profile?

    You, the user, are an important part of our Citysearch family. Your Citysearch Profile allows others to see your activity – pictures you’ve uploaded, reviews you’ve provided, businesses you’ve recommended – as well as the ability to connect with others within the site. Upload a profile picture, ‘Like’ another’s review, or check out what businesses your friends have recommended lately.

  • How do I reset my password?

    Click Login in the top right corner of any Citysearch page, scroll down and click “Forgot your password?”. We will send you an email with instructions for how to create a new password.

  • When I use Facebook Connect to login, will Citysearch spam my friends?

    Nope. We use your Facebook information to validate your account when you login, and from there, you’ll be able to interact with all of your Facebook friends. When you write a review, post a picture or do anything else on Citysearch, you’ll have the option to publish that on Facebook, where your friends can see it too (depending of course on your Facebook privacy settings).




  • What do I write in my review?

    We welcome users to share all aspects of their experience: the good and the not so good. Feel free to post a review giving an honest and relevant depiction of your experience. We do not permit dishonest, slanderous, or spam-y feedback, and reviews of this type will be promptly removed.

  • Once I write a review, can I edit it?

    Yes, you can edit the review on the business’ profile page.

  • Can I write multiple reviews on the same business?

    No, a user can only post one review per business. Our Terms of Use do not allow shill or spam reviews and they will be removed.

  • What is considered Spam?

    Spam is any review that isn’t helpful to visitors: a dishonest depiction of a business, or a review that has nothing to do with the business (we really don’t want an invite to your nightclub when we’re trying to find some good sushi in Brooklyn). Also, if it looks like a review was written by a business or someone hired by said business we may remove it. The same goes for dishonest, slanderous “reviews” about your competitors. To report spam please e-mail us at customerservice@citygrid.com.

  • How do we determine the order in which reviews appear on a business’ profile page?

    Reviews are ranked chronologically.

  • I’m a business owner, how do I dispute a review?

    If you think a review violates one of the guidelines listed in our Terms of Use, you can ask to have it removed. Just send an email to customerservice@citygrid.com and include a link to your business profile page, the name and date of the review and which guideline you think the review violates. If our content moderators agree, the review will be removed.

  • What are my options if Citysearch rejected my request to remove a review?

    We understand your concern, and we have some suggestions. First, encourage satisfied customers to write more reviews. When happy customers leave your business, remind them to write a review. Plus the most recent reviews always appear toward the top of your page. Second, claim your business on Citysearch and create a compelling and powerful business message to appear on your profile page – Citysearch users look at this information too when deciding which business to go to.

  • Can I find out who wrote a particular review?

    Citysearch does not disclose confidential user information except in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Separately, we are not able to validate the identity of the person writing the review.

  • I suspect a review is written by a competitor or ex-employee pretending to be a customer. What can I do?

    If you’re concerned that a competitor or disgruntled employee wrote a review, they may be trying to damage your reputation in other ways, so it’s best to first try and settle the dispute directly with them. Citysearch is not able to determine the truthfulness of statements that users make, validate a user’s identity, or mediate disputes.

  • Why am I seeing reviews from Ask and other sites on a business’ profile page?

    We partner with other sites to post user reviews. If you’re concerned about a review from another website, please communicate directly with that site. Citysearch doesn’t own their content, so we can’t remove any of their reviews.




  • How do I upload photos?

    You can upload photos directly on a business’ profile page. Make sure you’re logged in to your Citysearch account. Then click “PHOTOS” on the business’ profile page and scroll down to “Add Photos.” Note that you can upload one photo at a time. Photos won’t be cropped but they may be scaled down to fit within our borders. Keep in mind that you need to have the legal right to use any picture you upload (and just because it’s been posted somewhere else on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s okay) and we will remove any picture that we have reason to believe you do not have the rights to.

  • What if someone has posted one of my pictures on Citysearch without my permission?

    Citysearch takes the protection of copyrights very seriously. If you believe someone has posted a copy of one of your pictures (or other content) on Citysearch without your permission please go to our Terms of Use for a step-by-step guide of what you need to do and who you need to contact.


Business Listings


  • How can I correct incorrect information about a business?

    Unfortunately we don’t currently have a way for our users, other than business owners, to add, close or edit businesses. If you own a business you can correct information by unlocking or “claiming” your business on the Citysearch profile page. You’ll need to verify that you own the business by entering a verification code that is sent to your business phone. Once claimed you will have the opportunity to make edits and add content to your business profile page. If the phone number, address or other business information is incorrect you can contact Customer Service at customerservice@citygrid.com.

  • How do I add my business to Citysearch?

    Citysearch partners with InfoUSA for local business data. They offer an Express Update service that allows merchants to update their listing data as well as add new businesses. Once you’ve added your business please allow 1 – 2 months for the information to be on Citysearch. Find out more at: http://www.expressupdateusa.com.

  • What if my business is marked “Closed?”

    We obtain local business data, including addresses, phone numbers, and whether a business is open or closed, from InfoUSA, a third party vendor. We suggest that you contact InfoUSA directly to correct your business listing. Once the listing in InfoUSA is updated and Citysearch pulls in the data feed, the information will be updated in our directory. You can find them at http://www.expressupdateusa.com.

  • Why is my business listed on Citysearch?

    Our goal at Citysearch is to provide comprehensive business information to all of our users. As an online directory we strive to connect consumers to local businesses, and help local businesses find new customers. We only use publicly available information to create basic listings on Citysearch.




  • How is Search ranking determined?

    The businesses in a search result are primarily determined by the keywords that classify a business and where it’s located relative to the location searched. The order businesses appear in is based on several factors including reviews and photos from the community, expert opinions and the content business owners have provided.

  • Do paid advertisers or sponsors receive preference in Search ranking?

    Here at Citysearch we do not give preference of any sort to advertisers in determining our search ranking, thus furthering our commitment to providing honest, trust-worthy and relevant reviews.




  • Who are these so-called expert Scouts and Captains you keep referencing?

    Our Scouts are in the know expert writers, connoisseurs, movers and shakers. Each individual has a highly trafficked personal blog or Web site, editorial credentials at a local newspaper or news blog, a large Twitter following, a high Klout score, or has published a book (or two) on local businesses or restaurants.

  • Do your scouts get payment or perks from local businesses?

    Each of our expert scouts has built solid reputations and followings around town before we’ve even reached out to see if they’d work with us. One of the reasons why they’re trusted experts in their respective markets is because they DO NOT take payments or receive perks from local businesses.




  • What's your cute mascot's name?

    Sid E. Serch.

  • I still have questions. How do I get help?

    If you have additional questions regarding Citysearch please check the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you have other questions that we haven’t covered here please email Customer Service at customerservice@citygrid.com.

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