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  1. What To Do In Chicago?

    December 13, 2012 by Sid E. Serch


    One of our favorite Citysearch scouts in Chicago has been busy assembling

    a nice-size collection of Guides that feature all kinds of great things to do in his home city. From Chicago Museums You Might Never Have Heard Of to a Dive Between the Covers at Chicago’s Best Bookstores, Anthony pours his heart and soul into these, even creating fun, narrative videos on the Guides that set up his themes.

    Check out all his Guides here.

  2. 20 Question with Anthony Todd

    September 18, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

    Welcome to the sophomore edition of 20 Questions, this time featuring our Chicago scout Anthony Todd. Anthony is many things, from an environmentalist to a cocktail enthusiast, but most of all, he appears to be something of

    an insomniac. Between juggling law school, being the food and drink editor of the Chicagoist and penning the New & Notables for Citysearch, we can’t imagine this guy sleeps too much. He did do us the favor of taking a minute out of his impossibly busy schedule to answer our questions though, so cheers to that.

    Check out his picks for New & Notable businesses @

    Name: Anthony Todd

    Age: 29

    Neighborhood: Lincoln Square

    Day Job: J.D./Ph.D. Candidate at Northwestern University School of Law

    Night Job: Food and Drink Editor,

    Chicago Resident for: 9 years.

    Favorite Chicagoan living or dead, real or fictionalJane Addams, the famous progressive activist and founder of hull house.  Yup, I’m a nerd.

    What’s the best meal you’ve had in town? A three-hour long romantic, snow-covered masterpiece at El Ideas in 2011.  Tied with a memorable birthday dinner at North Pond in 2008.

    Favorite Bar? Sable Kitchen and Bar

    What’s your drink? Dirty Martini, gin only please. Up, blue cheese olives, North Shore #11 Gin.

    What’s your favorite thing in your house? Where did you get it? My first edition copy of Trader Vic’s Book of Food and Drink from 1946, which I got at a dusty used book store.  It’s signed by the Trader himself!

    How much is too much to spend on dinner? If it’s more than $100/person, it had better be extraordinary, memorable and beautiful.

    What’s your least favorite thing about Chicago? The fact that the entire north side goes into paralyzed apoplexy whenever a certain losing baseball team happens to be playing.

    What is your mortal enemy? Televisions in bars.  I want to bring a BB gun to about 8/9 of the bars in Chicago and have my way.

    Spring or Fall? Fall

    Deep sea or outer space? Outer Space

    Soup or Salad? Salad – a perfectly crafted, traditional caesar salad is one of my favorite indulgences.

    Element of another city you would incorporate into Chitown? Streetcars!  We used to have them, and now we need them again. Calling Portland, please!

    What’s your favorite vegetable that most people hate? I am completely addicted to cauliflower.  When I’m depressed and down, I eat it by the handful, covered with oil and garlic.