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  1. Don't Call it a Comeback

    February 8, 2013 by Sid E. Serch

    Okay, you can call it a comeback. If you haven’t checked it

    out already, we’ve totally revamped our app to include expert content like tips and guides from the movers and shakers in your city. We have everyone from former a Top Chef contestant in Seattle to the founder of New York magazine’s Grubstreet bringing you the best and brightest recommendations across eating, drinking and living in your city. People have been taking notice. Business Insider recently checked out our brand spankin’ new redesign and broke it down for you here: Check it out and download our mobile app here or browse guides online.

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  2. Hungry-In Austin Has Landed

    October 8, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

    Hungry-In has landed in Austin! Take a drool worthy tour of South

    Lamar (which includes smoked pork ice cream!) with our super scout Tolly Moseley of Austin Eavesdropper.  We have a feeling you’ll love her as much as we do! A word of warning though, this video WILL make you want to get on the first flight to Austin and stuff your face.

  3. It's HERE: The First Episode of our Web Series, Hungry In has Arrived!

    September 24, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

  4. 20 Question with Anthony Todd

    September 18, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

    Welcome to the sophomore edition of 20 Questions, this time featuring our Chicago scout Anthony Todd. Anthony is many things, from an environmentalist to a cocktail enthusiast, but most of all, he appears to be something of

    an insomniac. Between juggling law school, being the food and drink editor of the Chicagoist and penning the New & Notables for Citysearch, we can’t imagine this guy sleeps too much. He did do us the favor of taking a minute out of his impossibly busy schedule to answer our questions though, so cheers to that.

    Check out his picks for New & Notable businesses @

    Name: Anthony Todd

    Age: 29

    Neighborhood: Lincoln Square

    Day Job: J.D./Ph.D. Candidate at Northwestern University School of Law

    Night Job: Food and Drink Editor,

    Chicago Resident for: 9 years.

    Favorite Chicagoan living or dead, real or fictionalJane Addams, the famous progressive activist and founder of hull house.  Yup, I’m a nerd.

    What’s the best meal you’ve had in town? A three-hour long romantic, snow-covered masterpiece at El Ideas in 2011.  Tied with a memorable birthday dinner at North Pond in 2008.

    Favorite Bar? Sable Kitchen and Bar

    What’s your drink? Dirty Martini, gin only please. Up, blue cheese olives, North Shore #11 Gin.

    What’s your favorite thing in your house? Where did you get it? My first edition copy of Trader Vic’s Book of Food and Drink from 1946, which I got at a dusty used book store.  It’s signed by the Trader himself!

    How much is too much to spend on dinner? If it’s more than $100/person, it had better be extraordinary, memorable and beautiful.

    What’s your least favorite thing about Chicago? The fact that the entire north side goes into paralyzed apoplexy whenever a certain losing baseball team happens to be playing.

    What is your mortal enemy? Televisions in bars.  I want to bring a BB gun to about 8/9 of the bars in Chicago and have my way.

    Spring or Fall? Fall

    Deep sea or outer space? Outer Space

    Soup or Salad? Salad – a perfectly crafted, traditional caesar salad is one of my favorite indulgences.

    Element of another city you would incorporate into Chitown? Streetcars!  We used to have them, and now we need them again. Calling Portland, please!

    What’s your favorite vegetable that most people hate? I am completely addicted to cauliflower.  When I’m depressed and down, I eat it by the handful, covered with oil and garlic.

  5. 20 Questions with Drew Lazor

    September 5, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

    Citysearch Scouts are a unique breed. With a finger on the pulse and considerably better taste than your average bear, they’re the movers, shakers and well-known personalities in their respective cities. But who are they, really? And what qualifications do they have to tell you where you need to eat dinner? Let’s find out in our new, weekly feature, 20 Questions.

    Our inaugural post puts the spotlight on Philadelphia Scout, Drew Lazor. With such an amazing surname, that alone might be a good enough reason to listen to him; but on top of that, he founded the food/drink blog Meal Ticket for City Paper. He’s also appeared on the Food Network, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel, where he can be seen discussing great food with people wearing too much make-up.

    Check out his picks for new & notable spots @ and his answers to our 20 Questions below:

    Name: Drew Lazor

    Age: 28

    Neighborhood: Point Breeze

    Day Job: Freelance Writer (business, food, drink, movies, music)

    Night Job: Overdrinker

    How long have you lived in Philadelphia? Ten years.

    Who’s your favorite Philadelphian, living or dead, real or fictional? I’ve long been fond of Ben Franklin, both for his amazing contributions to our country and because he liked to take “air baths,” which would involve him just standing naked around his house in broad daylight. There’s no way a dude as smart as Ben Franklin actually thought that the air would properly “bathe” him. He just wanted to be naked, so he told everyone that. Love this guy.

    What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in the City of Brotherly Love? Many of my favorite meals have taken place at Mémé, which just closed recently unfortunately.

    What was your first job when you moved to the Cradle of Liberty? I had an on-campus job running the “Phonathon” during my college years. Basically I was responsible for all those students harassing you during happy hour or dinner to donate money to your alma mater even though you still owe them loads of money. Sorry graduates of the world. I also did a bunch of random freelance writing during school, everything from small-town politics and high school baseball to covering Girl Scout pageants and Harry Potter book releases.

    Favorite bar? It’s a tie between The Sidecar at 22nd/Christian and American Sardine Bar at 18th/Federal. Sidecar was my first favorite bar in Philly and will always be my baby Mariah-style. I love that place and everyone who works there. ASB is a new favorite, due in part to the fact that it’s nearby, but also because the

    food, drink and staff are ace.

    What’s your drink? Usually bourbon, usually on the rocks. I like most whiskeys, whether fancy, crappy or somewhere in between, but Bulleit and Grand-Dad are longtime loves. For a cocktail, a Sazerac.

    What’s your favorite thing in your house? Where did you get it? Probably my pit bull puppy Toro. We got him from a rescue in my home state of Maryland. He’s a bit dumb but very sweet and generally is a good boy.

    How much is too much to spend on dinner? I’m a born overspender, but I really try my best not to drop more than $100-$120 (for two) at the very most. It doesn’t always work out. Of course there are those times when you overshoot by a lot (usually lots of boozing involved). It’s usually worth it, but sometimes it’s not. Isn’t it an awful feeling when it’s not?

    What do you hate most about living in Philly? I wish the subway went more places.

    Who or what is your mortal enemy? Turkey bacon.

    Spring or Fall? Whichever season in which it is most appropriate to dress like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate.

    Outerspace or Deep sea? Deep sea. I’m a Pisces so I like to lie and say that I have a “deep connection with water” but really I’m a mediocre swimmer and don’t really enjoy the beach. I like drinking water, though.

    Soup or salad? Soup! Maryland crab soup.

    If you could bring one element of another city to yours, what would it be? The consistent cleanliness of a place like Chicago or D.C.

    Vince Vaughn: Swingers or Couples Retreat? Come on! You already know the answer to this, you cheeky question writer.

    Is a burger a sandwich? No, a burger is a burger.

  6. There's a New Citysearch in Town…

    June 28, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

    Why is everything 3 stars? Are three stars good? Are three stars bad? Why is this person using a business page on a peer review site to air out their fears about turning 40?

    If you have asked yourself any of these questions, the new Citysearch is for you. If you haven’t asked yourself any of these questions, but like going out to eat, or shopping or getting massages, the new Citysearch is for you too.

    We’re entered a new era: one of recommendations, not reviews.

    What’s the distinction you ask? It seems small, infinitesimal. Just semantics you say.

    But it’s not, it’s huge.

    Recommendations are 140 characters on mobile and 280 on the web. Brevity is key.

    Recommendations combine both the advice of hand-selected tastemakers with user voting to help distinguish the best businesses in your city.

    Recommendations come with a scorecard for more discerning information, not a smattering of stars.

    The result? You can make fast and informed decisions about the businesses you’re planning on visiting.

    What else? New & Notable businesses selected every three days by big shot bloggers and tastemakers featured on the homepage of ten amazing cities across the country. Oh yeah— and there’s also our brand spankin’

    new look and a handsome mascot named Sid E. Serch.

    In other words–I think you’re going to like the new Citysearch!

  7. Meet our San Francisco Team!

    May 9, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

    Citysearch is taking San Francisco by storm and we’ve gathered just the group

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    of local tastemakers and foodies to help us do it! Our new crew got familiar recently over food and cocktails at Zare at The Fly Trap. We couldn’t be happier to have this amazing collection of in-the-know folks about town. From right to left, Victoria McGinley of VMac + Cheese, Jeanne Chan of Shop Sweet Things, Mika Takeuchi of Food Fashionista and Susie Wyshak of Epicuring. On the left, meet food editor Carleigh Connelly, Epicuring’s Laiko Bahrs and Brian of Tummy Morsels. Not pictured: Katie Sweeney, Marcia Gagliardi of Table Hopper

  8. One of Our Chicago Scouts Goes Viral

    May 2, 2012 by Sid E. Serch

    Erica Bethe Levin, co-founder of,  Citysearch scout and general in-the-know lady has gone viral.  Thanks to the mixed emotions of Erica’s Yorkshire terrier, her video was picked up both on Jezebel and the Today Show! Check her


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